The history of Toutilix

1961: Birth of Christine Larquetout, Toutilix creator, in the sunshine and fresh air of the beautiful town of Briançon in the Hautes-Alpes, France.

She developed an unquenchable thirst for learning at an early age, falling in love with letters, numbers, beauty, justice, freedom, and play in a family with similar passions.

2006: First unpublished game design, Kiliwi. The origin of a playful-alphabetical approach that emerged in Christine’s speech therapy practice, in close collaboration with her clients – adults and children from all backgrounds.

2008: Sketches of the future Toutilix, called ABYZ.





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It would take a book to name the people of all ages and backgrounds who have helped design Toutilix in one way or another.

I hope all these wonderful people have received as much as they have given.

Their contribution is immeasurable.

A huge thank you.