1 to 8 players.

Ages 4 to adult+.

10 to 60 minutes.

The box includes a rulebook with 12 games (in French).

A truly MULTILINGUAL word game! Any word, in any language using the Latin alphabet!


That’s motto in the Toutilix world.
We play with firecrackers, stars, and all the letters of the Latin alphabet.​
We also play with absolutely everything you can write with these letters, and often in every language at the same time.
Some games will inspire flights of imagination while others will make you think and laugh at the same time!
Beginners and experts sometimes play together.
Toutilix is affordable and partners with ATD Fourth World to guarantee access to letters for ALL.

From one Toutilix game to the next, everything can change:
The SENSATIONS or MENTAL FRAMEWORK involved. The TYPE of game: with letters, with words that are spoken or spelled out, or with sentences.
The game MECHANICS: Speed, imagination, bidding, bluffing, stop or go, racing, combinations, cooperation, memory, strategy, etc.
THE AMOUNT OF LUCK involved. The FORMAT: Cards in hand, piles, lines, spirals, tapestries, squares, or circles; cards that are thrown, slapped, or felt with eyes closed, etc.

And in english…

40 crazix games!

​Which Toutilix game do you want to play?
Do you want to know more about a rule?
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Distributed in France, Belgium and Switzerland!
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