ATD Fourth World

Long before Toutilix was published, there was always a desire to forge connections.

Connections between words and between ages.

Between different backgrounds and cultures.

Between readers and non-readers.

Between oral and written cultures.


I donated 400 boxes of the second edition to the Secours Populaire.


A chance encounter shaped the 3rd edition:

BONY: Yes, I’ll illustrate the next edition of the game.

ME: Great!

… a little later:

BONY: Would you mind if I invited a few of my author friends?

ME: YES!!! Of course! That’s exactly the Toutilix spirit! It’s a blast! But I can’t afford it.

BONY: They’re giving you their rights.

ME: What!?! Then I’m contacting ATD Fourth World! Because letters TOO are for everyone.


All ATD Fourth World Street Libraries in France have the 2018 and 2020 versions of TOUTILIX and ATD receives a percentage of sales each year.


I chose ATD Fourth World after discovering their Street Libraries during a games festival thanks to a demonstrator who had worked with ATD for a long time.

I decided to continue supporting ATD Fourt World until I take my last breath.